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The History of the Town of Western
Marion DiCarlo
Former Town Historian
Russell G. Marriott
Town Historian


1786…..General William Floyd purchases10,000 acres of land from Jelles Fonda

1789…..Asa Beckwith and family settle in what would become Western
            Henry Wager settles later in the year. Asa Beckwith Sr. (450 acres in 1789)
            Asa Beckwith Jr. (100 acres) and Arnold Smith (250 acres)
            First bridge erected across Mohawk River by David Hicks, Reuben Beckwith,
            Henry Wager and Rozel Fellows

1791…..Henry Wager purchases 461 acres from Jelles Fonda.
            John Lansing Jr., George Clinton, William Floyd and Stephen Lush purchase 100,000
            acres from Jelles Fonda

1793…..William Olney purchases land from Thomas Matchin and settles

1794 ….George Brayton and Jonathan Swan settle and start a mercantile business
            David Utley settles in what would become North Western
            William Olney purchases 1500 acres from Thomas Machin

1795….. Jonah and son, Hezekich Wells settle Frenchville

1797….. March 10 Town of Western formed from Town of Steuben
            April 4 First Town Board meeting. John Hall elected first Supervisor

1798…..First Religious Society formed in Westernville

1800…..Sawmill established in North Western by Jonathan Waldo
            Society of Friends formed

1802…..First school in Western

1803…..General William Floyd settles in Western

1805…..David Sweet operates tavern in Hillside

1809…..Friend's Society cemetery opened (south part of Westernville Cemetery)

1812…..First Post Office in Westernville George Brayton Sr. First postmaster

1815…..General Henry Wager Halleck born in Westernville - January 16

1818…..Religious Meeting House built. Later becomes Presbyterian Church

1821…..General William Floyd dies at his home

1822…..General Charles Smith born in Westernville

1824…..School house built in North Western

1825…..Evangelist Charles G. Finney preaches in Westernville

1828…..The First Religious Society of the Town of Western cemetery opened
            (north part of Westernville Cemetery)

1831…..Second cheese factory in Western - David Brill farm

1837…..Contracts let for the construction of the Black River Canal
            Westernville Hotel started by John O. Dale

1839…..Presbyterians take over Religious Meeting House
            Methodist Church built in North Western

1840…..Work on the Black River Canal commences
            David Brill begins work on a store in North Western

1843…..Westernville Methodist Church founded

1844…..First side road laid off from main road in North Western by David Brill

1845…..David Brill establishes first post office in North Western

1849…..Water turned into the completed Black River Canal

1850…..David Brill builds Halfway House in North Western
            Ira Waldo builds the Northern Hotel in North Western

1851…..Contracts let for the construction of the Black River Canal feeder into Delta

1852…..David French builds shoe-peg factory in Frenchville
            Westernville Methodist Church built

1854…..North Western school sold

1855…..Work completed on Boonville to Lyons Falls section of the Black River Canal

1856…..Land purchased to build railroad from Rome to Boonville through the gorge

1860…..Delta feeder from the Black River Canal completed
            Westernville school built

1868…..Westernville Cemetery Association formed
            Railroad effort up the gorge abandoned

1872…..New school built on River Road in North Western

pre-1875…District #13 Lower Quaker Hill School operating

1877…..Welsh Methodist church built

1878…..Westernville two story school building built

1880…..Charles Pillmore builds feed mill on Dopp Hill Road Westernville

1881…..Olney and Floyd Canning Factory begins production

1889…..Cold Spring House burns (Hotel where the Davis Store was later built)

1898…..Methodist Church in North Western burns and is re-built

1900…..Rear Admiral Montgomery Sicard dies in Westernville - September 14
            Davis store opens in North Western

1908…..Charles Decker builds telephone line to connect to the line running from Rome
            to North Western

1909… Geo. J. Olney Inc. started

1910…..Largest tonnage of materials shipped on the Black River Canal - 175,966 tons

1912…..Delta dam completed

1914…..Route 46 first plowed

1916…..Water flows over Delta Dam

1918…..Rees' Store Westernville lost to fire
            Charles Pillmore, using water power at the dam in North Western, provides
            First electricity to residents of Western

1922…..Rees store rebuilt using building formerly Jones' Store nest door

1923…..Carmichael Hill Cemetery Association formed
            Western Town Library established

1924…..Last boat let down to Rome on the Black River Canal - Boonville State scow

1926….Clarence Belius builds dance hall in Frenchville

1930…..High School aged children start attending Rome Free Academy in Rome

1935…..Home Demonstration group formed

1936…..North Western schools become part of Holland Patent School System
            4-H chartered in Western by Alberta Schallenberg

1937…..Quaker Hill District #7 school closes

1940's…District #13 Lower Quaker Hill School closes

1941…..Westernville brick school built
            School house in Frenchville closes
            Electricity reaches Quaker Hill

1945…..Volunteer Fire Department of Western is founded

1946…..Firehouse built in Westernville
            Lower Quaker Hill District #13 schoolhouse re-opens

1955…..Stokes Hill Road re-routed to eliminate curves and to decrease steepness

1958…..Route 46 by-passes Westernville

1960…..Lower Quaker Hill District #13 schoolhouse closes

1964…..Wood's Valley Ski Area Inc. opens

1966…..Delta Lake State Park opens

1968…..Quaker Hill District #7 school house burns

1972…..Westernville school closed

1978…..Christmas Eve luminaries introduced to Westernville

1980…..New waterline laid in the Upper Village, Westernville

1982…..New Fire House built on Route 46

1987…..Town of Western becomes a "Bicentennial Town" to celebrate the Bicentennial
            of the United States Constitution

1989…..Town of Western Historical Society formed

1993…..Westernville Hotel burns

1995…..Town of Western Historical Society using donations, purchases the Westernville
            Hotel site and creates a village green known as Heritage Green

1997…..Town of Western Bicentennial
            Western Town Hall receives National Historical Register status

2000…..New bridge over the Mohawk River in Westernville opens

2001…..New Post Office built at the site of the Westernville School next to Library
            Western Town Park dedicated in memory of Arthur C. Schallenberg, long time
            Western Justice of the Peace

Russell G. Marriott

Western Town Historian

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