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Cora Donahue

What if I can not read my ticket as to date or court?
Contact immediately the police agency that issued the ticket.  They will gladly advise you as to the proper date and court.
What if I disagree with the charges on the ticket?
The court is the judicial branch that interprets the law.  Show up at the scheduled time and date to plea your case.  Your options will then be explained.
How do I know if I need an attorney?
If you are unsure of the charges, or how to proceed, then you may need to consult an attorney.  However, this is an individual decision.
Can I reschedule the time and date of my appearance if I am working or out of town?
If you are charged with a violation, you may plea by mail, therefore avoiding the necessity to appear in person on the given date and time.  However, if you are charged with a misdemeanor, you must appear in person on the given date and time, or a warrant may be issued.
I just want to mail in the ticket and pay the fine.  What is the process?
Follow the procedures written on your ticket and if you wish to plead guilty, once we receive your plea, the judge will access the fine, and we'll mail you a fine notice.
What if I wish to plead not guilty?
Follow the procedure on your ticket, and once we receive your plea, we will notify you by mail of your trial date and time.
What type of payments are acceptable?
Cash, money orders, or certified checks are the only acceptable method of payment for fines.   Personal checks will not be accepted. You must also include a self-addressed stamped envelope, if you wish to receive a receipt, or a suspension lift.
What if I miss my court date?
You may plea by mail following the directions on your ticket, or you can call the court.
What if my license has been suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles?
If you have been suspended for failure to appear, you must answer the charge by appearing in court on Tuesdays at 7:00 P.M.  If you have been suspended for failure to pay your fine, please call the court to confirm the fine/surcharge amount.  The fine must be paid either in person or by sending a certified check or money order-NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
How long does it take to have the suspension lifted?
You must pay the fine/surcharge-and the court will lift the suspension immediately.  The court will electronically transmit this information to the Department of motor Vehicles.
Why do I have to pay a surcharge?
The surcharge is a mandatory fee imposed by the State of New York that must be paid on every ticket.
How can I get a ticket dismissed for an equipment violation that has been corrected?
The charge will be dismissed if proof is presented to the court that the defect was corrected prior to 1/2 hour after sunset on the first full business day after the issuance of the summons.
Can I just fix it myself and bring in the receipt for the repair?
No, you have to have a statement of correction for equipment defect that can be obtained from any police agency.
Can I file a small claim in any court?
No, the small claim action must be filed in the court that has jurisdiction where the defendant lives or works, or has a place of business.
What is the limit for a small claim?
To file a small claim in civil court it must involve no more than $5000 in damages.
What do I need to file a small claim?
You must appear in person during court office hours to file a claim.  Please bring the $10 filing fee for claims in the amount of $1-$3000 or a $15 filing fee for claims in the amount of $3001-$5000 along with the name and address of the person whom you are serving.

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